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We are your engineering partner: We modernize outdated facilities or develop innovative solutions – customized to your requirements. Our range of services includes drive and control engineering as well as energy management, prototype construction and test bench technology. Where standard approaches do not suffice, our operational area begins.

Power supply

Let your energy
run free

Especially in the field of energy technology, new solutions are constantly being developed, but not necessarily geared to each other. We support you in identifying the optimal energy use and energy saving options for you and integrate your tools into a holistic system. By means of combination and automation, we engineer tailored solutions to enable optimized and efficient energy management. That makes perfect sense, not only ecologically, but also economically.

Individual power supply adapts to actual requirements. Our services include voltage conversion through drive engineering or power electronics as well as emergency power supply. We advise, plan, provide and install: Everything to let the energy flow.

Individual power supply:

Rental generators for temporary solutions


Energy management by means of smart automation

Permanent emergency power: stationary or mobile

From consulting to implemantation and to maintenance

Drive engineering

Everything runs

Drive elements and drive electronics, couplings, shock absorbers: Elaborate engineering forms a solid basis to make sure that various components mesh effectively. We assist you in finding a drive solution that corresponds to the conditions on site and to your needs – for your plant running like clockwork.

Our service portfolio includes various types of drives: from electric to electromechanical to hydraulic drive technology. Especially in conditions where standard drives cannot be used, we are able to develop individually tailored systems. For example, if you want to retain established facilities: As experts in the retrofit sector, we have an eye for detail and will modify your existing industrial plant in order to meet modern requirements and possibilities. By fitting a new drive with characteristics matching those of the outdated technology, we create a budget-friendly and effective alternative to the complete replacement of a machine. Such adaptions extend service life and increase productivity.

Our range of services:


Planning and dimensioning



Spare parts

Optimization, adaptation and retrofit

Troubleshooting and repair

vymat condition-monitoring steuerungstechnik

Control engineering

Hold the reins of

The basic prerequisite for maintaining control: As a subfield of automation technology, control engineering is the area where it all comes together. To ensure that you keep a firm grip on things, we tailor our engineering precisely to your needs. By means of project planning, programming and implementation, we realize control systems for production plants and machines, always based on customer-specific requirements. For B2C clients, we are a competent partner for smart home automation.

Especially in the field of control engineering, retrofit plays an important role. If, for example, problems occur with an old relay control, or spare parts are hardly available any more, it is not mandatory to completely replace an aging machine. Instead, a programmable logic controller (PLC) with matching features can be installed. Our retrofit offer with targeted replacement of single modules not only provides an economical adaptation to current requirements and safety standards: by extending service life, retrofit also contributes to a more sustainable use of machines.

B2B and


Control engineering
for industrial plants

Integrated systems
and detailed solutions

Retrofit and

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

Thomas A. Edison

Your benefit:

Technical competence and cross-industry know-how for your process optimization

Well-engineered problem solving through joint coordination and individual optimization

Solution-focused implementation of your ideas

Special solutions according to customer requirements

Enthusiasm for innovative engineering

Special solutions

Make a wish,
we do the rest

We are your partner for individual solutions: If your requirements are too special to be met by standard products, for example. Or if you need assistance in the technical implementation of your idea. Moreover, in testing and screening processes we are your point of contact for test engineering and test bench technology. We provide you with test equipment and manage power supply during the test phase.

Our knowledge from various industrial sectors and specific experience in industrial plant engineering, electrical engineering and control technology enable us to develop special solutions. We design machines, components and adaptations in reciprocal coordination with our clients. Our solution-driven approach and honest, competent advice make us a valuable partner – for small businesses as well as for large enterprises.

Step 1

Exchange of ideas, consulting and feasibility analysis

Step 2

Planning and construction

Step 3


Step 4

Functional testing and operative use

Your idea?
Our implementation!